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Welcome to the Dylan Krocker WikiaEdit

This Wiki is for a man to great for the universe. That man's name is Dylan Stalin Krocker.

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Write a description about your topic. Let your readers know what your topic is about and add some general information about it. Dylan is a proud Russian who has shot many krauts and Japs. Dylan Krocker later served in the American

Vietnam war. In the vietnam war he used his comrades as bullet sponges a tactic that is widely used to this day. Here is a

list of his personal journal entries during the war.

Day one: I arrive here in vietnam all I can think of is where is the action. I was reading a magazine about metal spoons when I heard my fellow comrades screaming CONGS!!! I ran and grabbed my my trusty m14 rifle I ended up killing the greater majority of troops that attacked us in the bush. When the dust settled I moved on to a new post cantina duty. It was the third day of cantina duty when we were under attack by north Vietamese troops. I then proceeded to grab the hot pan full of some smelly stew I attempted to make earlier and thrrw it at some congs as they approched me I then grabbed my coltm1911a1 and blasted them off.

Week 33wwwwww

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